When to consider Tutoring.

  • When a child struggles with year level skills or is falling behind in reading, comprehension, formal writing or mathematics.
  • When a student is struggling in specific skill areas (such as Maths or Writing) but operates well in other areas.
  • When an ESL student is not progressing well at school or in the workplace, due to English language difficulties.
  • When a student is requiring extended preparation for Grammar School (or similar institution)’s entrance exams.
  • When adults require tuition in high school subjects to prepare for tertiary entrance, or to develop skills for the workplace.
  • When a child needs assistance to continue working at year level, due to ADHD, processing difficulties or anxiety due to changes or workload.
  • When a student has test anxiety, consistently does not perform well in tests, or has executive function issues.
  • When an apprentice is progressing in practical tasks but having difficulty with study modules due to lack of certain skills in Maths or English.
  • When children have special interests or areas of strength in which they want to be challenged or develop skills. (Gifted and Talented students)

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What Our Clients Say:

We have used SB Tutoring when we first came to town for catching up in gaps in Mathematics. Dot was great, Very understanding and patient. My daughter had gaps in her knowledge from coming from a small school out west. We recently came back to tutoring for Year 11 Chemistry (Karen) and Mathematics (Daniel) due to the nature of Year 11 work. Both times we have experienced professional staff with experience in their subjects and my daughter has gained confidence in her ability. I would highly recommend SB tutoring for students in the South Burnett.
Rachael Cooper
My daughter attended the tutoring centre for about 6 years. During that time, we found all of the staff to be people of integrity - genuinely caring and competent teachers, willing to use a diverse range of tools and skills to impart concepts. Within this friendly environment, my daughter also gained social strengths, becoming freely able to express herself. Her time there provided an invaluable platform from which to launch into the next stage of learning. I am thankful such a tutoring centre exists here in the South Burnett and highly recommend them.
Amanda Peterson
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